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Aluminum FIBC Bags help product transportation safety
November Sun , 2023

Container bags play an important role in many industries where large quantities of products need to be transported or stored, offering robustness and flexibility.However, in some high-end chemicals that are susceptible to static electricity, humidity, temperature, etc., the traditional container bag may not be able to meet the requirements.

At this time, it is necessary to consider the container bag with aluminum foil inner bag, also known as aluminum foil tonnage bag, aluminum foil container bag, aluminum-plastic composite heavy-duty container bag, aluminum-plastic inner bag and so on. A high barrier inner bag made of aluminum foil protects any product from deterioration caused by moisture, oxygen, ultraviolet rays, extreme temperatures, odors, and more.


Why is aluminum foil tonnage bag so powerful?

Aluminum foil tonnage bag commonly used material structure is PET/AL/PA/PE, PE/AL/PA/PE, PA/AL/PE, PET/AL/PE and so on, or can be specially customized according to different requirements of customers. It consists of 3-4 layers of different materials bonded with adhesives or extruded polyethylene. The aluminum layer provides a high level of protection and gives the foil tonnage bag the lowest transmission rate of any known flexible material.

Aluminum FIBC Bag is generally divided into base layer, functional layer and heat sealing layer:

Base layer: it mainly plays the roles of aesthetics, printing and moisture barrier;

Functional layer: mainly plays the role of barrier, light avoidance, etc., such as VMPET, NY, AL material;

Heat sealing layer: in direct contact with packaging items, it has the functions of adaptability, permeability resistance and good heat sealing.

Aluminum foil inner bag is combined with PP woven cloth outer bag through sewing process after one or more dry laminating, thus constituting load-bearing composite packaging with certain functions,

The performance of the aluminum foil barrier layer depends on its water vapor and oxygen transmission rate, which is lower than that of other flexible packaging materials, and prevents moisture and gas from being transmitted into or out of the product, thus preserving the product for a better and longer period of time. Applicable product range includes: special metal chemical raw materials, chemical modified plastic granules, engineering plastic granules (such as one-step, two-step silane crosslinking cable sheathing materials, low smoke non-halogen), TPU/TPV/PA12/PA46/PA66 nylon and other plastic granules, biodegradable granules, new energy lithium battery anode and cathode raw materials (lithium ion battery anode and cathode such as cobalt hydroxide, lithium manganese acid, lithium iron phosphate, etc.) and ternary precursor materials) and so on.

There are 2 common types of aluminum foil tonnage bags as follows:

Laminated Aluminum Foil Liners

Laminating liners are made to conform to the exact shape of the bag, including the top panel, bottom panel and/or baggage fill/discharge nozzle. Laminating liners improve the overall performance of the fill and discharge process and maximize the use of space in the bag. They are free of any wrinkles or folds that could restrict product flow into or out of the bag.

Tubular Aluminum Foil Liners

Tubular liners or corner support sheet liners are constructed in the shape of a tube rather than forming the shape of a bag. Depending on the discharge requirements, the bottom of the tubular liner and shape fit liner can be sealed or unsealed. The tubular liner is pre-installed and the liner is tightly attached to the discharge. Tubular liners are more cost-effective than form-fit liners, but are not as space-efficient as form-fit liners.

XCGS Group has been focusing on integrated packaging solutions for more than 20 years, to learn more about the container bag or aluminum foil inner bag, please contact us, we will be happy to serve you.

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