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25KG Aluminum-Plastic Heavy Bags: The Darling of Industrial Packaging!
June Wed , 2024

With the continuous development of the industrial sector, the packaging needs for bulk materials have become increasingly prominent. Particularly in fields such as chemical, plastics, and new energy, finding a packaging material that can carry a large weight and effectively protect materials from damage and contamination is crucial. Against this backdrop, the 25KG aluminum-plastic heavy bag, with its excellent performance, has quickly become a popular choice for industrial packaging.


What is a 25KG Aluminum-Plastic Heavy Bag?

Internationally, packaging that can carry solid granular or powdery materials weighing 10 to 50kg is commonly referred to as heavy bags. Generally, when the net weight of the contents is 25kg, it is called a 25KG heavy bag. One made from aluminum-plastic composite material is known as a 25KG aluminum-plastic heavy bag. It has excellent moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and UV-resistant properties and is widely used for storing various powdery granular industrial and chemical raw materials.


Next, we will analyze from aspects such as structure, characteristics, and applications to reveal why the 25KG aluminum-plastic heavy bag has become the first choice for industrial packaging.



The 25KG aluminum-plastic heavy bag is made from multiple layers of materials, with a material structure of: PE + PET + Nylon + Pure Aluminum + Mesh, mainly including the outer layer, middle layer, and inner layer.

1. Outer Layer

The outer layer of the aluminum-plastic heavy bag usually adopts materials such as polyester (PET) or nylon (PA), which have high strength, wear resistance, and puncture resistance. In addition, the outer layer also has good printing performance and can print various patterns and text to meet the appearance needs of different products.

2. Middle Layer

The middle layer is the core part of the aluminum-plastic heavy bag, usually made of aluminum foil (Al) material. Aluminum foil has good barrier properties, which can effectively block air, water vapor, and light from the outside, ensuring the quality and stability of the products in the package. At the same time, aluminum foil also has good ductility and flexibility, which can adapt to different packaging needs.

3. Inner Layer

The inner layer of the aluminum-plastic heavy bag usually uses heat-sealable materials such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). These materials have good sealing performance, which can ensure the tightness of the packaging bag and prevent product leakage. At the same time, the inner layer material also has good water resistance and oil resistance, which can adapt to different environmental conditions.



1. High Strength and Durability

The characteristics of aluminum make the bag more robust and durable, not easy to be torn or damaged, and can effectively protect the packaged items from external forces. At the same time, the plastic's flexibility makes the bag have better compression resistance and is not easy to deform.

2. Moisture-proof

The presence of the aluminum layer effectively isolates the entry of air and moisture, preventing the packaged items from becoming damp or deteriorating. The moisture-proof effect is 80 times that of ordinary polyethylene. This is very important for items that have higher humidity requirements, such as chemicals, electronic products, etc.

3. Anti-oxidation

The aluminum layer can block the entry of oxygen, effectively slowing down the oxidation rate of the packaged items and maintaining their freshness and quality. This is an important protective role for items that are prone to oxidation, such as iron, acidic and basic substances, etc.

4. Sealability

Aluminum-plastic heavy bags usually adopt heat sealing technology, which can ensure the sealing performance of the packaging bag and prevent leakage or contamination of the internal items.

5. High-temperature resistance

Aluminum-plastic heavy bags use three to four-layer composite films, which are resistant to high temperatures (121℃) and low temperatures (-50℃) and are not prone to deformation or damage.

6. Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Aluminum-plastic heavy bags can be recycled and reused, in line with current domestic and international requirements for safety, environmental protection, and resource conservation.



1. Pharmaceutical Packaging

The pharmaceutical industry has very strict requirements for packaging materials, requiring high cleanliness, sterility, and moisture-proof characteristics. Aluminum-plastic heavy bags can not only meet these requirements but also effectively protect medicines from the influence of the external environment. Therefore, they are widely used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, such as packaging for biodegradable materials and degradable resins.

2. Chemical Packaging

Chemical products often have corrosive, flammable, and explosive characteristics, so a packaging material with high strength, good sealing, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant properties is needed. Aluminum-plastic heavy bags have these advantages and can also provide effective anti-leakage measures, so they are widely used in the packaging of chemical products, such as packaging for resin particles and modified particles.


3. Electronic Product Packaging

Electronic products need to prevent the influence of the external environment, such as static electricity, dust, and humidity. Aluminum-plastic heavy bags have excellent moisture-proof and anti-static properties, and also have high strength and barrier properties, which can effectively protect electronic products from the influence of the external environment. Therefore, aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags are widely used in the field of electronic product packaging, such as packaging for new polymer materials and silane cross-linked insulation materials.


4. Other Fields

In addition to the above fields, aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags are also widely used in agriculture, textiles, construction, and other industries. For example, in the agricultural field, aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags can be used for packaging pesticides, fertilizers, and other products; in the textile field, aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags can be used to protect textiles from the influence of the external environment.


However, despite the many advantages of 25KG aluminum-plastic heavy bags, the current heavy bag market in China still needs further development. According to statistics, although aluminum-plastic heavy packaging is widely used in the Sinopec system and the southern market, the overall market share is still less than 20%, which is a significant gap compared to European and American countries. Therefore, more efforts are needed in the future to promote and increase the market share of aluminum-plastic heavy bags.


XCGS has been focusing on industrial packaging for more than 20 years, and we have high-standard aluminum-plastic heavy bag production lines with a daily output of up to 50,000 pieces. We are committed to providing customers with professional packaging solutions and quality products to meet the packaging needs of different industries. If you need, please contact us at any time, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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