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New Arrival! The whole series of pure paper cushioning and shock absorption packaging is online!
June Thu , 2022

    With the rapid development of e-commerce shopping, the demand for packaging materials is increasing. For fragile items which need protective packaging, most of the choice is plastic bubble bags or inflatable film. They are  light and convenient, but plastic are non-biodegradable, they need tens or even hundreds of years to natural decay after throwing away, causing great damage to the environment. Paper packaging is biodegradable, but most paper packaging on the market does not have sufficient protection.

    For this reason, XCGS combines the environmental protection of paper packaging and the protective structure of plastic packaging to launch a variety of pure paper buffer protective packaging, giving the market more choices and more environmental protection.

Different structures, more choices

Honeycomb Structure Lining

Corrugated Structure Lining

Round Bubble Structure Lining

    Outer waterproof kraft paper with different structured paper liner.

    Full and thick, drop and shockproof 3D three-dimensional protection structure .

    Different paper liner shapes can be selected according to the characteristics of the items. More suitable for the shock-proof needs of the items.

    After testing, the anti-drop performance is comparable to traditional plastic bubble packaging, effectively reducing the damage caused by vibration of the items in transit.

Tracing the source, focusing on environmental protection


Not only for packaging, but also be composted 

    In addition to the advantages of being recyclable and renewable, paper packaging can be directly composted and degraded after disposal, without any harm to the environment. It is a synonym of circular economy and sustainable development in the packaging field.

Personalized product structure customization, all-round protection

XCGS paper packaging    

    In addition to providing standardized products, we can also design packaging structures and patterns according to customers' functional requirements, providing customers with a full range of packaging solutions.

    XCGS adheres to the corporate mission of "promoting environmental awareness and making environmental protection packaging everywhere", committing to use environmentally friendly materials to truly achieve "from nature to nature".

    XCGS  Group has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection, and constantly researched and developed innovative and high-quality products, and won the trust of more and more customers with excellent product quality and rich product lines.

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