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New products express
June Thu , 2022

New Product Express, are you ready?

With the rapid development of e-commerce shopping, the demand for packaging from major e-commerce platforms is also increasing. How to effectively protect products while reducing pollution or even making it pollution-free?

Centron Group launched a variety of pure paper cushioning shock absorption packaging to fully meet these needs, the outer layer of waterproof kraft paper, lined with different structural shape of the paper liner, all materials are pure paper raw materials, recyclable, renewable, waste can be directly composted 100% degradation, environmental protection and pollution-free.

New paper bubble bag cushioning shock absorption packaging

Previously launched a variety of pure paper cushioning shock absorption packaging, for the conventional honeycomb paper and corrugated paper liner, and the launch of the new paper bubble bag to break the previous conventional plastic bubble as a packaging liner restrictions.

As we all know, the effect of plastic bubble in cushioning shock absorption is very significant, but based on its non-degradable, after discarded will cause pollution to the environment, in view of this, Centron R & D bubble and paper fusion, to create a paper bubble liner comparable to the effect of plastic bubble.

(Tested) thick and full of polka dot paper bubble, can effectively prevent falls and shocks, 3D three-dimensional protection, all-round protection from damage to the product.

Trace the source, let the environmental protection start from the beginning

Star attaches importance to the source of materials, the paper packaging provided has passed the FSC forest sustainability certification (wood certification).

 Composting direct degradation, 0 pollution says it all

Paper cushion shock absorbing packaging is recyclable and renewable, and can be composted and degraded directly after disposal without any harm to the environment, which is synonymous with circular economy and sustainable development in the packaging field.

Personalized product customization, just what you want

In addition to providing standardized products, we can also design packaging structure and pattern design according to customers' functional requirements, providing customers with a full range of packaging solutions.

Star adheres to the corporate mission of "promoting environmental awareness, making environmental protection packaging everywhere", and is committed to using environmentally friendly materials to truly achieve "from nature to nature". At present, we have a mature paper cushioning packaging industry line to meet the multi-faceted needs of customers, if you also have packaging needs in this area, why not talk to our customer service lady!

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