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Something You Should Know About Anti-static Shielding Bags -Part 1
January Wed , 2023

Question 1 : What is anti-static shielding bag?

Anti-static shielding bags are generally called as anti-static bags, shielding bags, and waterproof bags. It has excellent waterproof and fireproof, air-blocking and waterproof, and antistatic effects. Since most electronic equipment will be damaged by electrostatic induction during transportation, customers will choose anti-static shielding bags as packaging to protect electronic equipment.

ESD Shielding Bags

Question 2 : How did the anti-static shielding bag come about?

Common equipment and electronic components generate static electricity mainly from two situations: one is friction electrification, when two objects rub against each other, the charge on the surface of the object will transfer and redistribute, when the charge accumulates on an object or on the surface, static electricity is formed; second,when it comes into contact with a charged body, it will receive a charge, thus carrying static electricity of the same polarity. Especially when there are a large number of ionized charges in the air, it is easy to generate static electricity. As a result, electronic components are damaged and normal use is affected.

In order to avoid static electricity and reduce damage to such sensitive devices, people began to use anti-static bags for packaging. These bags are generally made of LDPE and LLDPE particles by blowing film, and then added with anti-static agent to produce anti-static effect. The effect is to prevent the generation of static electricity, that is, to suppress the friction between the built-in items and the packaging bag to generate static electricity when moving. However, when external electrostatic discharge occurs, because the ordinary anti-static bag only has the characteristics of preventing internal electrostatic generation, it is impossible to avoid the damage of external electrostatic discharge to the product, resulting in the damage of sensitive devices in the bag, thus affecting the use and even the reputation of the enterprise.

In order to avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned incidents, anti-static shielding bags have been developed and have received good responses. The application fields of anti-static shielding bags are also constantly expanding. Anti-static shielding bag is a special bag, when packing sensitive devices, it can not only prevent static electricity inside the package, but also shield the electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic radiation of external personnel and equipment, which double protects sensitive devices inside the package from damage.

Question 3 :  What is the function of the anti-static shielding bag?

Generally, the anti-static shielding bags adopt a two-layer composite or higher four-layer structure. The Faraday cage induction hood effect is formed in the bag to maximize the protection of the items in the bag from the electrostatic field, prevent the accumulation of static electricity, and avoid potential electrostatic hazards; The anti-static shielding bag can shield the ESD static discharge and electromagnetic radiation of external equipment, and also has certain performance of anti-RF, waterproof steam penetration, anti-salt fog (customized according to customer requirements).

For example, after receiving the product and opening the package, the customer found that some components were damaged and could not work, even though these components had passed strict quality inspection before leaving the factory and the anti-static packaging bag was also used in the transportation. Why does this happen? The reason is that the ordinary anti-static bag cannot shield the external electrostatic discharge, and may be damaged by the external electrostatic discharge during the transportation of the product, resulting in the damage of the product components. If anti-static shielding bag is used for packaging in this case, it can not only prevent static electricity in the bag, but also shield the external electrostatic discharge, and the product components will not be damaged.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable anti-static packaging bag according to product requirements! If you have needs, pls feel free to contact us at any time you are convenient!

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