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Do You Know The Operation Methods And Precautions Of Ton Bag?
May Tue , 2023

Ton bag is a kind of logistics packaging widely used in various industries, but its operation method is often neglected, leading to many problems in the process of loading and unloading materials. For this reason, XCGS provides the following operation methods and precautions:

Bagging: first hang the ton bag lifting ring symmetrically on the filling machine beam, to let the bottom of the ton bag basically touches the ground, then open the ton bag loading port, set into the loading cylinder and clamped by the clamping device to prevent dust or particles from leaking out. Start the filling machine to fill the raw material into the bag from the filling mouth, and fill the bag after straightening it first. After the filling is finished, close the filling port. If you use the ton bag with discharging port, check whether the bottom is tied before filling.

Loading: Hang the ton bag lifting ring on the lifting device in a balanced way, and choose forklift, crane, hoist, etc. according to the type of ton bag and loading weight. The hook should be hung in the central part of the sling or sling rope, not to be slanted, single-sided lifting or tilting lifting ton bags, not to mention that the sling should not be pulled in the opposite direction to the outside. If you use a forklift to load the ton bag, be careful not to make the fork touch or pierce the bag body to avoid damage. Then start the lifting device and slowly lift the ton bag, after reaching a certain height, evenly flat on the car (or train) platform. If the ton bag is not immediately loaded or transported away, it should be stacked neatly in the workplace, not squeeze, skew or collide with each other.

Storage: If the situation requires that it cannot be shipped away immediately, in order to avoid damage to the material, the ton bag should be stored in the warehouse, and the surrounding environment should be away from water, steam, humidity and high temperature sources. If stored outdoors, in addition to meeting the above environmental conditions, it should also be covered by a canopy to avoid direct sunlight.

Unloading: lift the bag with a forklift or crane, align with the mouth of the trough or other containers, open the bottom of the bag material mouth tether, raw materials can fall on their own, complete unloading. For disposable bags, a suitable tool can be used to break the bottom of the bag from a distance to unload. In the lifting and unloading operations, do not stand under the bag.

XCGS has six production bases and eight factories, specializing in the production of aluminum foil ton bag as the core of various new energy and industrial packaging, we have 300+ production lines, more than 20 years of packaging experience, large scale, high quality, short delivery time, and can be customized according to customer needs, if you have relevant needs, you can contact us, we will be happy to serve you!

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