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Buy Quality Ton Bags, Starting From Understanding Each Process Of Production
June Mon , 2023

Ton bag, also known as container bag, is plastic woven bags which very widely used in logistics and transportation. So, how can we buy high-quality ton bags? It is necessary to understand the production process of the ton bag. Let me introduce to you as following:

1.Raw material preparation: The main raw materials of the ton bag are polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyester (PET), etc. The raw materials need to be screened, cleaned, dried and other treatments to ensure their quality and dryness.

2.Drawing: The chemical fiber materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene are drawn on the drawing machine to turn the raw materials into filaments, and the quality of filaments directly affects the quality of circular woven fabrics. The main purpose of drawing is to improve the strength and durability of the raw material.

3.Circular weaving: The filament is woven through the circular loom and woven into fabric. The speed and density of the circular knitting machine can be adjusted as needed to meet different product requirements. The quality of circular woven fabric depends on the quality of the filament and the technical level of the weaving machine. High-quality circular woven fabric can ensure the strength and durability of the ton bag.

4.Coating: Woven fabric for coating treatment, common coating materials are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc.. The role of coating is to increase the strength and durability of the woven fabric, but also to prevent the intrusion of moisture and external pollutants. The quality and thickness of the coating has an important impact on the service life and safety performance of the ton bag.

5.Weave: The coated woven fabric will be woven through the weaving machine to form the main part of the container bag. The weaving machine can be adjusted as needed to meet different product requirements.

6.Cutting: The woven fabric will be cut according to the required size and divided into different parts such as front, back and side.

7.Bag making: The cut woven fabric will be made into bags through the bag making machine. The bag-making machine can be adjusted as needed to meet different product requirements.

8.Sewing: The made container bag will be sewn by sewing machine. The sewing machine can be adjusted according to the need to meet different product requirements.

9.Quality control: In the production process, various inspections and tests need to be carried out on the container bags to ensure their quality and safety performance. Quality control personnel need to carry out strict inspection and control of each link, need to comply with the standard.

10.Packing: After the production is finished, the ton bags will be packed for storage and transportation. The way and quantity of packing can be adjusted as needed for storage and transportation.

The production process of the container bag needs to be carefully designed and strictly controlled by the above multiple links in order to ensure its quality and safety performance. Only by choosing high quality raw materials and strictly controlling each link can we produce high quality and high performance ton bags, which can provide reliable guarantee for logistics and transportation.

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