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Uncover The Production Process of Anti-static Aluminum Foil Bags
June Mon , 2023

Anti-static aluminum foil bags are widely used for packaging in the fields of the electronics, medical and precision instruments. In order to ensure the quality and anti-static performance of the product, its production process needs to go through several links. XCGS takes you to explore the specific process:

1. Materials: 

The main material of aluminum foil bags is PET/AL/PE, which needs to go through procurement, quality inspection and other links before it can be used.

2. Composite: 

Aluminum foil bags generally use a three-layer composite structure: the outer layer is PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), the middle layer is AL (aluminum), and the inner layer is 

PE (polyethylene). Compound is a compound method of PET/AL/PE three layers of material on the glue laminated.

3. Curing: 

Also known as ripening, the composite film has been put into the drying room (ripening room). Using high temperature or ultraviolet radiation to make the glue quickly cured to 

improve the solidity of the composite film.

4. Coating: 

Coating is to apply anti-static liquid or conductive liquid evenly on top of the product, which can make the whole aluminum foil bag with anti-static effect.

5. Slitting: 

The bags are cut according to different size requirements, using automatic slitting machine to ensure the precision and speed of slitting.

6. Printing: 

Customized text and pattern will be printed on the bag, according to the customer's demand, you can choose to print inside or surface printing, inside printing is not easy to fall 


7. Bag making: 

The printed bags are processed of folding, sealing, etc., and finally made into aluminum foil bags.

8. Packing: 

Uniform inspection of aluminum foil bags during packing to ensure the quality meets the requirements, including appearance, size, sealing and other aspects. Finally, the qualified 

aluminum foil bags will be packed into boxes uniformly and loaded for shipment.

Only after the above strict production process can we produce good quality anti-static aluminum foil bags. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose manufacturers with 

qualification certificates and good reputation to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

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